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About Us

Hello Blue CBD is located in Malibu, California between the world famous Pacific Coast Highway and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. We are a unique health supplements and lifestyle company… we manufacture everything we sell. We source only the best CBD from farmers in Oregon, Colorado and Kentucky, then blend them with our proprietary formulas to bring you the very best lotions, capsules, drops and other products available on the market. Because we control every step of the manufacturing process, we are able to ensure the highest quality, the safest ingredients and the most competitive prices. We don’t pay somebody else to white label things for us! We own all of our own equipment and are proud to distribute everything from our own warehouse.

Everybody in our company is a cyclist, runner or swimmer. When we say that our products are made for athletes by athletes, we mean it! Our focus on healthy living and outdoor adventure is more than a cute marketing campaign, it is who we are. That’s where the name Hello Blue comes from; blue skies give us the feeling of warmth from the sun, a refreshing breath of clean air in nature, the peace of being part of something greater than ourselves and the hope for better days ahead for our children and yours. 

One of the reasons we started Hello Blue CBD is because most of the CBD products on the market just don’t taste very good, and they are overpriced. Not everybody likes the taste of hemp, so we decided to offer our line of drops (tinctures) in organic MCT coconut oil instead of hemp oil. We think it makes a big difference.  But we knew we could make them even better!  We spent a lot of time and tasted a lot of different flavors, and we came up with some delicious combinations that we think you’ll like too. Perhaps best of all, the suggested retail price of our products is the most competitive on the market.

New in 2022, we are proud to be offering some great products that are made without CBD. Some people are still nervous to try it and experience the wonderful anti-inflammatory properties it has to offer; they are worried that they will get high or feel weird (they won’t, our products don’t do that). We still want them to have the best lifestyle products and supplements around, so we have started with CBD-free hydration capsules and will be expanding the line all year.

We would be honored to partner with you, to help your company see the financial and health benefits of selling our products. Questions? We staff our own email, phones and social media accounts. Let us know what is on your mind. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Cristina Chapman and Matt Singley, Co-founders

Cristina Chapman


Matt Singley


Brewski is a very good boy. He has worked diligently to ensure that all of Hello Blue CBD's products for dogs and cats are delicious and healthy.