F*ck You, Migraine!

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F*ck You, Migraine!

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you know exactly why we named this what we did. One of our co-founders, who has struggled with intense migraines for years, spoke with a neurologist about it, and what he said was surprisingly simple. “High doses of riboflavin and magnesium oxide have shown great efficacy in recent studies.” (Here is one study on riboflavin, here is one study on magnesium oxide). When asked if adding CBD to this would help, he gave a resounding “yes, absolutely.” Fast forward several months, and F*ck You, Migraine! has been released after extensive 3rd party lab testing and a beta test group of volunteers giving it two thumbs up. We hope you’ll find it as helpful as they all have.

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NCBI Studies and Information

We strongly encourage you to do additional research to determine which CBD products are best for you. Due to FDA regulations, we cannot share all of the benefits of cannabidiol, but we can link to reputable, third-party resources that can.  The links below will open up sites outside of hellobluecbd.com in a new tab. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to click the blue bubble in the lower right corner to chat with us, or send a message through our contact page.

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2 reviews for F*ck You, Migraine!

  1. cristina chapman

    Life altering! After years of MRIs, pain clinics, migraine medicines, etc. that were not helpful, I now take F&ck You Migraine, and my migraines have gone from 3-6 a week, to 2 a month. I take 2 caps daily with one Co-Q 10 capsule, and when a migraine does come along, I double up and the migraine has gone away. No drug has ever worked like this! I can’t recommend this highly enough.

  2. Faye J

    I am a 10 year migraine sufferer. I was taking prescription meds as needed in order to survive the episodes, however, I experienced annoying “hangover” side effects from the meds. My typical migraine event would last 2 days which included the loopy recovery from the meds. “F*ck You Migraine” capsules not only shortened the frequency (normally every other month) but most thankfully, it reduced the intensity and duration of the migraine events. I have been taking the capsules since September 2021. I take an extra dose of the F-U Migraine at the onset of the migraine “aura” and I eliminate the triggers (light, sound, stress) for a few minutes for the capsule to take effect. The last migraine event lasted 1 hour after taking the capsules and did not develop into a full-blown migraine event (nausea, vomiting, excruciating/disabling pain). It felt more like a mild discomfort, but most importantly I was able to recover my day: be productive despite the discomfort and ride my bike through my 35-mile commute home! Thank you, HBCBD, for returning such precious time and empowering me to be self-sufficient during my migraine episodes.

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