Muscle Butter

(32 customer reviews)

Formulated by athletes for athletes, CBD Muscle Butter Active combines CBD (Cannabidiol) with boswellia (frankincense), ginger and cayenne pepper. Our proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients in designed for pre-activity as well as post-activity. It is safe for competitive sports, our THC-free CBD is WADA compliant. Made with care in California.

ACTIVE= Icy, hot feel. Smells like eucalyptus.
HEAL= Basil, citrus and mint scent.

We originally created Muscle Butter to help after long bike rides. After spending several hours pedaling through the Santa Monica Mountains outside of Los Angeles, our legs were twitching and tired! This fantastic all-natural blend is THC Free and WADA compliant. All varieties have the same anti-inflammatories and have 150mg THC-Free CBD per ounce.

Recommended Use: Scoop out enough to rub into the desired area. This will vary quite a bit depending on the body part (e.g. legs vs. biceps) but a little goes a long way. We recommend starting off with a quarter-sized amount and adjusting as needed. Goes on like a lotion, stays on like a salve, water-resistant. Avoid contact with genitals… trust us on this one.

Our products are guaranteed to stay fresh unrefrigerated for 9 months. Store in a shaded, dry place at room temperature.

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Muscle Butter

(32 customer reviews)

Formulated by athletes for athletes, CBD Muscle Butter Active combines CBD (Cannabidiol) with boswellia (frankincense), ginger and cayenne pepper. Our proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients in designed for pre-activity as well as post-activity. It is safe for competitive sports, our THC-free CBD is WADA compliant. Made with care in California.

ACTIVE= Icy, hot feel. Smells like eucalyptus.
HEAL= Basil, citrus and mint scent.

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32 reviews for Muscle Butter

  1. Faye Jarow (verified owner)

    I’ve tried other topical CBD products. HBCBD’s Muscle Butter is by far the MOST effective. So far, I’ve had one application, post-ride (63 miles, 16.8 mph avg). My muscles were really slow to respond post-ride. I took an Epsom Salt bath then applied the Muscle Butter ACTIVE (MBA) on the legs. My legs feel refreshed, like I can ride another 100 miles. I’m not dragging my feet and wincing after each step; the legs actually feel fantastic. My next application will be pre-ride and mid-ride to see if there’s an impact on performance. Definitely, I am including the HBCBDMBA as a required element in my post-ride activities. I will re-post another review on the pre-ride/mid-ride effects. Thank you HBCBD for making awesome products!

  2. Allisonlockhart

    I have a bad neck and im in pain alot of the time. Rather than constantly using biofreeze i decided to give this a try. it was the first product i ordered and i fell in love. it is instant relief that lasts. a little goes a long way too so this will last me a long time. highly highly recommend.

  3. Susan Ashby (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! It really works after a ride and also every morning when I’m feeling a little stiff upon waking. The texture is fantastic- not thick or greasy, and you can put your exercise or otherwise clothes on soon after applying. My sore quads and achy knees pick this over both prescription and other CBD creams and gels for inflammation.

  4. Emily Levy

    This smells so good and goes on easily. Make sure you store it as cool as possible because my apartment gets warm and it turn liquidy. It’s not as potent/effective as the oil, obviously, but it helps tired feet and hands. Perfect for right before bed.

  5. Mark Patrick (verified owner)

    I have felt positive benefits using the Muscle Butter. A few things that are really positive that I like about this product is that a little bit goes a long way. So I get really good coverage of the area with a small amount of product. I also like the slight enhancement of the menthol and camphor to give a relief effect. Now does it completely remove the pain? No not for me, however I do feel the relief of some of my pain. I’m 58 years of age and have sustained many injuries and subsequent orthopedic surgeries, 11 to be specific, shoulders and knees. I am also an avid cyclist riding long distances on road and gravel roads. I have applied the Muscle Butter both before and after my rides and I do feel that it is beneficial for my recovery and stamina. Thank you Hello Blue for the excellent customer service and constant support you provide your customers.

  6. Jim Mitchem (verified owner)

    I began using Hello Blue’s Active Muscle Butter during the summer as a way to warm up before workouts. I’d put some on my shoulders and quads. It really seemed to have an effect, but I wasn’t sure whether that was from taking CBD oil, or the direct application of this butter. But then I started using it on my thumbs, which both have mild onset of arthritis (thanks, smartphones). Within a couple of days, that pain literally disappeared. It’s unbelievable what CBD is capable of when it comes to aches and pains. I highly recommend this product.

  7. Scott Piercefield (verified owner)

    This active CBD cream helps my legs feel amazing during workouts, even when I have a heavy workout load already in my legs with tons of fatigue. From time to time I have knee pain from previous injuries and this active cream helps alleviate that pain, keeping me concentrated on my workout and avoiding further inflammation. Thank you HelloBlue for making an incredible product that I can use during my rides and races!

  8. tolleyalways (verified owner)

    I’ve unfortunately suffered from 2 ACL tears, and 5 meniscus tears. After 6 orthopedic surgeries, my knees can be temperamental before & after rides to say the least. I use the Muscle Butter on my knees and quadriceps tendons before & after rides. It’s been crucial maintaining my +250 mile a week training regiment. The pain relief is great and it helps with stiffness.

  9. Amy Parulis (verified owner)

    I work in a warehouse packing bicycles all day and am always sore. It’s great to massage my tired and sore muscles with the Active Muscle Butter. I recently started skiing as well and am very happy to rub Muscle Butter on my knees after a full day on the slopes.

  10. Scott Piercefield (verified owner)

    Back again but this time for the Heal Butter. Like the active and recover cream, this stuff works in real-time to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. I find myself using all HelloBlue butters interchangeably both on and off the bike, however I do find Heal to be used best off the bike and after a hard effort. I apply this to my legs, back, and neck- common wear points for cyclists. Once I apply the cream to those areas, I rub the remaining cream into my hands as it’s 2020 and they’re always crazy dry. There’s no such thing as washing your hands too much and this cream helps your hands rebound from the constant cleaning abuse!

  11. thomas miller (verified owner)

    I use both the active, before workouts, and the heal afterwards. They have made a difference in how I feel during a ride and how well I recover. My only issue is some times the product come separated, I put the tub in the refrigerator and it comes back together. Still seems to work well. Would be 4.5 stars if I could, but the product separation knocks half a point off.

  12. Ryan H (verified owner)

    I tried Hello Blue CBD Muscle Butter (Heal) because Phil Gaimon told me to. It works well for sciatica pain in my calf so I don’t have to take Advil. It also helps me get quality sleep. My daughter uses it to recover from ballet class where her feet take a beating. We both like it enough that we started a subscription. At one point we decided to change from the Active version to the Heal version and Hello Blue provided great customer service.

  13. Philip Bachas

    golden cbd

  14. Paul Stephenson (verified owner)

    As a 60yo athlete I have a few more aches & pains than I used to. Muscle butter really seems to do the trick. I use it mainly before I go to bed, especially on my feet which are achy & hot and this product makes a huge difference.

  15. Caro Poole (verified owner)

    Love, love, love the texture of this Heal cream! I put it on before I go to bed and wake up with legs again!

  16. patjmcquade (verified owner)

    Great smell, great feel. Perfect for that after activity cool down.

  17. Kathy (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about using CBD, but finally decided to give it a try after a friend convinced me. I have chronic pain from psoriatic arthritis and it’s unbearable at times. I was blown away at how effective the muscle butter is! A very small amount gives relief almost immediately! Depending on the severity of the pain, it either gets rid of it completely, or at least takes the edge off where I am able to function. Thank you for making such a great product!

  18. Julia Pincus (verified owner)

    The Active Muscle Butter is a game changer! I put this on every morning after showering. I put it on my calves, shins, hips, lower back and feet. If I don’t put it on I will notice the difference. If I have soreness anywhere else I will put it on. I am so happy to have found this product along with their other products (particularly the Heal). If your body will allow RUN to get this!!

  19. Jeanne Miller

    This is the best topical CBD I have tried. My son sent me a jar and I intend to buy more!
    The pleasant scent is a bonus.

  20. Lauren

    I have used the Heal muscle butter so much. I cannot express with words how happy I am with this product. It is a miracle. Has helped with sunburns, bug bites, rashes and small abrasions. I was blown away with this product the first time I applied it to my friend’s sunburn. Instant relief and seemed to heal within the day. I always take it with me everywhere I go. I need 100 jars!

  21. Christy (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! I am a athlete cyclist and competitive mountain bike racer, this stuff is a must have! I have been dealing with overtraining injuries in my hip and behind my knees recently, so this muscle butter is very soothing and helps with pain! I highly recommend, it’s my favorite. I like it better than a lot of the other cbd pain creams I’ve tried. I like the moisturizing and hydrating feel and it’s not overly menthol-y, it’s just right. It’s what I put on my legs after hard effort, which helps decrease soreness. I’ve even used it for massages too, which is really nice. I just mix it with a little jojoba oil or almond oil and it’s nice for upper back/shoulders. My muscles feel so relaxed when I use this! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

  22. DESYLVAAUBRIE@GMAIL.COM (verified owner)

    Love love love – non greasy, effective and SMELLS great! I love that you can order different sizes and scents – great for travelling too!


    The BEST for traumatic and overuse injuries! A recent broken pelvis gave me the occasion to try MANY different CBD lotions. This one is so much more effective than other CBD creams and much more effective at targeting pain that advil or other conventional pain killers. It has an invigorating scent and a very tingly icy-hot like sensation. The tingles took me by surprise the first time, but now I really enjoy it and take it as a sign that relief is on the way!

  24. Roger (verified owner)

    I use after my ride (relax) and it helps with pain so I’m able to sleep.

  25. colvage (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Active Muscle Butter for a few years now…and won’t ride without it. I apply it pre-ride…and after riding. My legs are grateful…

  26. Sarah (verified owner)

    Especially love the lavender – smells great / feels good!

  27. Evgag (verified owner)

    Feeling strong on my rides and races everytime i put it on my legs. the texture is nice too you don’t feel oily at all.

  28. Rich Jones (verified owner)

    Been using the muscle butter for a week and the only thing I notice is that my legs are now greasy and smell better. I guess I’ll use it up and not buy any more. No difference in sleep, soreness, or anything else.

    It’s not their fault but be aware the free shipping is USPS, took over a week to arrive.

  29. Tucson Rider (verified owner)

    Tried it for the first time over the last few weeks. I put it on my legs after scraping and it vastly improved the results from scraping alone. The next day, the aches were gone and I was ready to ride again. The smell is good too.

  30. Markweiss001 (verified owner)

    I have had very good results with the muscle butter. Just last night I had a sore big toe from 2 1/2 hours on the cycle trainer, got out of bed at 3 AM to apply the butter and by the morning the pain was basically gone.
    The stuff works.

  31. Tim Callahan (verified owner)

    I have herniated discs in my back and the muscle butter really helps to loosen up my back for rides, swimming etc.

  32. Brian Harshman (verified owner)

    The Muscle butter and CBD capsules for joint pain are great. I have spinal stenosis and severe arthritis. I was amazed at how much relief I got from these. I am a long time subscriber because the products work for me and Matt at Hello Blue gives great customer service if there is any questions I have.

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