We are aware of a company called "Blue Vibe CBD" that is allegedly scamming people through Facebook ads. Please note that we are NOT associated with them in any way, and you will need to contact them directly to receive a refund. We're sorry for your trouble and hope you are able to resolve it quickly and easily.

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT Blue Vibe CBD, we are not associated with them in any way.

As of 9/4/2023, we have received several messages from people that saw an ad on Facebook for "Blue Vibe CBD Gummies" but were charged considerably more than the advertised price.

Before you send us a message or call, understand that just because we have "blue" in our name, it doesn't mean we are the same company. We aren't. We have absolutely *zero* association with them, and had not even heard of them prior to this debacle. We have been reputably in business since 2018. We wish you the best in recovering your losses from that other company.

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